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When a Goal becomes reality...

Practice what you preach....

If you know me then you know my passion is goals and the importance of setting them and living by them.

This video sums up what I speak to my clients about. No matter the challenge, the set back, if you truly engage in what it is you want, anything is possible.

Setting a goal is the easy bit.. the hard bit is to understand:

what will it feel like to have the goal? How much does it truly mean to you ? what will you need to sacrifice to get it? (Time, money, other resources)

This video was a year of completely living the goal out in my head. The task was massive but I had visualised the outcome out in my head many times. I was willing to make the sacrifices and ultimately walk the walk. I used all resources available and it was the first and last thought on my mind most days.

Over the years be it a job change, fitness goal, securing a mortgage, whatever really, if its meant enough to me, then it's taken this absolute relentlessness to achieve it.

It can't be half measures, if your going to go you have to go all in !

If you want help in thinking differently, and visualising things in a whole new way, maybe even setting goals.. then reach out.. I already have many people on track and kicking ass in their lives again.

Don't stay stuck in your head !!

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