When the environment is right magic can happen..

Updated: Apr 4

Thinking about this sort of work I am doing often makes me smile.. It's a beautiful thing to see yourself grow whilst helping others do the same. As I rocked up to the stunning setting on Sat morning in Tyndrum to the retreat I had been invited to to deliver my 'Limiting Beliefs' seminar I could sense that it could be a powerful session.

If I could share my own vulnerability, doing these sessions put my own spider senses on high alert. Just before I do them, I am aware of the energy building, the critical voice trying to find a way in, trying to play tricks on me, place doubt. The questions I place in a clear calm and certain voice back remains the same every time;

  • What if I'm wrong?

  • What would be an alternative way of thinking about this?

I then smile and say 'come on Kevin, let's do this'.

As the group proceeded through my session, the energy was there to see and feel. I felt totally consumed in it. Seeing the emotions on the faces as we went on a spiritual journey is something that never gets tired. The power in it is beautiful and something I am acutely aware of.

We had some key breakthrough moments for the team and I hope it can allow them to kick on from here now so much more aware of how the mind can hold you back...'if you allow it'.

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