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After one session my confidence has rocketed, so much so that I recently did something for the first time in five years that has been causing me crippling anxiety.
Hand on heart I can now say it was a life changing experience.
Thanks so much.

John , Ayrshire

Mind Masters I don’t even know how to put it into words how amazing speaking with Kev Brown was. I have as many of you know suffered from depression for years an I have been through a tough few situations. I have had counselling before an always felt awful at having to relive past events, but not after speaking with kevin, yes he made me talk about things I didn’t want to go back too but the way he did it was a completely different experience, normally the day after talking about things I feel heavy an in a worse state than I did but I have woken up today an feel like the weight of the world has gone from my shoulders. I don’t know how he does it but his technique an coping strategy is unlike anything I have experienced an my god is it amazing an powerful to feel positive. I will continue to work with him an take his advice an can only imagine how good I’m going to feel after another session coz if it’s anything to go by this feeling I have after one session I am going to be unstoppable. IF anyone is feeling down or needs to talk an get a different perspective on life then I would 100% recommend going to see kevin

Alison, Ayrshire

where do I actually begin to explain the experience I have had with Mind Masters, sometimes you are unaware of the support you need and just then the help appears, and for me that help was Mind Masters I can never thank you enough for what you have done for me and have helped me achieve, so for anyone out there thinking I can’t ask for help for something so small or this is too big a problem……. it’s not trust me this is exactly what you need I am so grateful and thankful and the peace of mind I have now is unbelievable so thank you from bottom of my heart thank you xx

Nikki, North Ayrshire

I was part of the Mind Masters 2021 A Space for Change group. The group ran over 3 consecutive Friday nights in December 2021. I went into it with an open mind, looking for some guidance & coaching on a couple of things I knew were holding me back. What this course delivered was far more than I ever imagined. I've came away from it with a renewed sense of purpose & self worth. I've learned some amazing skills and habits that I know I can use on a day to day basis to ground myself & set goals for growth and personal development. The visualisation tasks were deeply relaxing & reflective. Would highly recommend Mind Masters to anyone who is looking for guidance, coaching, mentorship etc. in a completely safe and non judgemental space and for any number of common setbacks, issues or challenges.

Batesy, Ayrshire

Helping Hands Recovery Community are/were a group brought together by years of disempowerment, almost lost in a sense, held back but what we all know after today’s session was nothing but a limiting belief and the magic and others felt today was truly empowering.
Definitely the best session I myself and the group has had the privilege of attending n smashing they limiting beliefs was where the journey begins n the magic happens.
Thanks guys

Darren, Irvine

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