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Welcome to Mind Masters

The Award winning Mindset Coach

As a certified NLP coach my job is to help you change the way you think in order to help you move forward with your life. The quicker we can do that the quicker you can start to be the person you are supposed to be. 

Working with people and teams from all walks of life to help them get the results they crave and move forward with their lives.

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My Story

Hi there, I'm Kevin and if you are reading this you are either incredibly nosey (like me), or you are looking for someone to help you with something you may be struggling with. The good news is, either way I can help!
So, I'm an Ayrshire based NLP practitioner / Hypnotherapist, or as I prefer to be called, a "Mindset Coach." I offer help to people mainly through one to one coaching sessions, which I may add are incredibly powerful and successful. 
Therapy is a magical method to help people process their thoughts a little different and bring about change where the person needs it most. The beautiful part is change can happen quicker than you realise. Think of me as the person to help you unlock the doors of possibility and opportunity (Sounds cool right? It is).

I work with people with a variety of things such as:


Habits (smoking,eating,drugs)

Sports Performance

Career Progression

Goal Setting


Weight loss 
Here is a little more about me, as it's important you know who you intend to come and share your mind with. 
I'm an outdoor enthusiast who will often be found entering and competing in endurance sports such as ultra running or obstacle course races. I am a family man raised in Ayrshire, Scotland and I have a lifetime of helping people, either in a work capacity or via community projects. From years in mental health services, children and young people services to forming one of the biggest online communities for men, the now famous, Fit Ayrshire Dads. 
I pride myself on my track record of being able to help people in a personal and confidential way. 
If you take one thing from my site today, let it be this: You are not alone! 
If you would like a chat to understand if I am the best person to help then reach out and lets have a conversation.


Never ever give up...